Thursday’s Child ~

Too often, children bear the most lasting scars of divorce.
Regardless of the way you choose to divorce, you have to deal with the same issues: division of assets, alimony, child support and parenting. The difference in collaborative law is how you deal with these issues.

We recognize that divorce is both an emotional and a legal process. Divorce involves more than just the law. It affects the whole family’s emotional health, financial stability, future relationships and the ability of former spouses to co-parent.

One of the most important goals of collaborative law is to focus on the needs of children, working to ensure that the best interest of the children is a central focus in the dispute resolution process. In a collaborative divorce, both spouses and their attorneys meet together to negotiate a settlement that addresses interests and concerns of the whole family.

In reality, most divorcing spouses will have a post-divorce relationship as co-parents that can continue for decades. The collaborative process gives divorced parents the opportunity to restructure family relationships to in a positive way, allowing couples to divorce without destroying themselves, their spouse and their children in the process.


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