Linda L. Piff Esq.

Linda Piff pictured left with Vicky Tomaro at their new Piff~Tomaro Profesional Bulding

Linda Piff pictured left

Linda L. Piff, Esquire is the founding partner of the Piff Law Firm. Linda’s practice focuses on Collaborative Divorce, Mediation, Matrimonial Agreements and Uncontested Divorce.

Linda’s goal is to have her clients exit the divorce process with the legal, personal, emotional and financial resources of the entire family in line with the goals of the divorcing couple. By doing so, her clients are poised for future growth and security in these areas.

Restructuring a family can be very scary to everyone involved. Linda’s job is to educate clients about the process and help relieve uncertainty about the future.

“Divorce isn’t just about dividing up assets. Families are multi-dimensional. Divorce is about couples moving forward with their lives, and in order for that to happen, emotional, financial, personal and legal aspects must all be addressed.”

Linda Piff is committed to the Collaborative Law process. Linda was the co-founder of The Piff~Tomaro Collaborative Law Center which houses attorneys, financial and mental health professionals and is the first of its type in the country.